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Raising Teens and Pre-Teens Isn't Easy!

Don't Go It Alone... We Can Help.

Welcome to Operation: PARENT! If you’re in the thick of raising a teen or pre-teen, you’re in great company because we’re doing the same thing! Operation: PARENT is a “parent driven” organization. We are parents who have kids in elementary, middle and high school and we understand how challenging it can be to keep them safe and healthy until they reach high school graduation. For that reason, we’re building an exciting new community of parents who share a common purpose…raising incredible teenagers. Our goal is to help raise your awareness and reaffirm that you are not alone. We’re just a phone call away. (502) 265-9045.

Our mission: “To provide on-going education, support and hope to those raising teens and pre-teens in today’s culture.”

Operation: PARENT
WDRB-TV interview on Heroin and drug testing
OP in the News

Thank you Sarah Phinney with WDRB-TV news for bringing light to the heroin problem in our community and supporting Operation: PARENT as we provide tools that offer solutions.  ...

Operation: PARENT
Thank you Oldham Era!
OP in the News

The Oldham Era featured Operation: PARENT in an article titled,  KET – Spotlights Local Group.  Thank you for sharing our mission to your readers:)  Watch for the KET documentary coming April 20th. ...