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It’s a different world than the one we grew up in

Do you worry about the culture your children are growing up in?  You’re not alone.  We do too.  Across the nation, we’re facing deadly heroin and suicide epidemics. We’re also seeing dramatic increases in adolescent anxiety, depression and addiction, and according to one U.S. Attorney, “today’s parents have a zero margin for error” when it comes to protecting their children from today’s drugs.  Our children, saturated by technology and social media, have more “voices” than ever vying for their attention.

As parents, we must ask ourselves one important question:

With all the stuff out there that our kids are being exposed to, can we still raise healthy, well adjusted, drug-free teens and preteens?

Our answer: Absolutely!

As parents, we must choose awareness and prevention.  Being equipped to recognize early warning signs of anxiety, bullying, and dating violence before they turn into something far more harmful — like depression, cutting, or even suicide — is an absolute blessing.  Awareness and education empowers us to engage with our children!

Equip yourself with the life-saving information we provide in our handbooks that include the latest trends, warning signs, misconceptions, tips, and advice for the toughest issues you may face during your parenting journey.

Issues include:

Screen time, Social Media & Apps, Sexting, Porn, Human Trafficking

Alcohol, Tobacco, Nicotine & E-Cigs/Vaping, Marijuana, Prescription & OTC Drugs, Opioids, Beyond Prevention

Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders

Bullying, Cyberbullying, Dating & Dating Violence, Parties/Sleepovers, Internet Gaming & Violence, Driving

It’s personal to us

Your family matters to us. Why? Because we are parents too. We know what it’s like to walk the everyday tightrope of “What’s the right thing to do?” We are the Number One influence in our children’s lives so it’s up to us to stay informed. While clinicians, counselors and experts can help, ultimately no one knows or loves our children more than we do. We are called to protect and therefore must step boldly into our God-given role as parents. It is our values, our real-world experience, and our courage that will ultimately make the difference in the lives of our children and grandchildren.

So, let’s do this! Join our community of empowered parents by following us on social media or joining us for an upcoming webinar. But, most importantly… keep parenting!

Operation Parent is here to help you navigate the tough issues challenging our kids.

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