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Operation Parent is a parent-driven organization that provides comprehensive prevention, education and support resources for parents, caregivers and organizations responsible for raising and guiding teens and preteens. We understand what it’s like for parents who struggle with walking the everyday tightrope of “What’s the right thing to do?” We get it, and we can help.



We are parents. It’s personal to us. We are the number one influence in our children’s lives. While clinicians, counselors and experts can help, ultimately no one knows or loves our children more than we do. We are called to protect and therefore must boldly step into our God-given role as parents. It is our values, our real-world experience, and our courage that will ultimately make the difference in the lives of our children and generations to come.

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Because Operation Parent is made up of parents who have gone through and are often going through the same challenges you and your student families face, you can feel comfortable that we’re the right resource for you. We want all our schools and parents to know they are not alone on this journey, but rather part of a community that understands the ups and downs inherent in parenting school-age children.

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Did you ever stop to think about what an awesome blessing parenting is? God has entrusted a beautiful child to you who will one day go out into the world and fulfill God’s purpose for their life. Until that day, your job as a Christian parent is to teach your child how to be “in this world,” but not “of this world” – a daunting task if it weren’t for God’s promises.

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Your organization is invested in helping children, and has a mission and strategic goals regarding the health and development of those children that it must achieve to be considered successful. As you concentrate on the challenges of focusing your community and creating alliances among groups involved in a similar path, it’s often difficult to maintain consistency in your approach to the issue. Like any parent or caregiver juggling to do the right thing for the child, your group needs help to bring about more effective and efficient programs that work. You need Operation Parent.

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Other Organizations

Your company invests in developing programs and providing resources that improve the lives of your employees. Finding the right resources to support your endeavors can be a challenge. The variety of topics, needs or opportunities are as complex as the diversity of your employee audience. But there is one area where we are all equally invested and could use support and guidance at every level: raising our children. At some point, every parent or caregiver is juggling how to do the right thing for their child; and your company can help to bring a program to them that can help. A program for parents, by parents that will bring some sanity into their lives and improve their work outlook as well.