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Whether your congregation has 50, 500 or 5,000 members, you have families attending week after week who are struggling with painful issues such as addiction, depression, and domestic violence.  Often, these families and their loved ones feel stigmatized which perpetuates silence and creates a barrier to asking for help.

If you’re a pastor, youth pastor, or small group leader who feels called to help the parents and children in your church address these “real life” issues from a Christian perspective, we invite you to consider our Christian Parent Handbook and companion Bible Study.

As Vice President of a 27,000 member Christian Ministers’ Association, The National Association of Christian Ministers, we are presently seeking, as a ministerial association, to train and put these materials in the hands of all church leaders, so as to effectively train parents to be influential parents.       – Rodger Niemeier

By opening new channels of communication, you will restore hope and create an atmosphere where folks who struggle with addiction and other types of brokenness will feel welcomed, safe and loved.

Operation is here to help you navigate the key issues that challenge today’s youth.

Key Issues