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We’re so grateful for the chance to help parents and members of our community make decisions that lead to raising thoughtful, safe, well-rounded adults. Scroll to read what people are saying about Operation Parent.

“We sent out the last round to ~5000 parents of kids ages 12-18 in our school district.  We got great feedback and this time are looking at doing something similar plus some additional copies for community partners.” – Hailey Bloom

Casper-Natrona County Health Department - Casper, WY

Thanks so much for tailoring this order to our needs.  Operation Parent has wonderful, practical materials that parents and caregivers can use to support their kids.  

 There is always interest in your many webinars in our region.  Keep them coming!

Cynthia Brown-Cherry Mental Health & Recovery Svc Board of Lucas County, Ohio

I finally had time to watch the e-cig webinar with Dr. Purcell. WOW! It was refreshing to see accurate and up-to-date research! Liz was listening in the background and we were both extremely impressed and plan to use some of her latest data in our work. I’m passing along the link to our staff here at OCHD; it was such useful information. Thank you and everyone at Operation Parent for providing this webinar!

Anna Hobbs Health Educator at Oldham County Health Department