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Jean Schumm, President

Years ago I was struggling as the mother of teenagers. For the first time in my life I felt incompetent & unsure of myself as a parent. I eventually realized I could either continue to be a naive & reactive parent, or make an effort to understand today’s culture & become a proactive parent. I also learned that I was not the only parent who felt insecure when it came to raising teenagers. Operation Parent has been an incredible blessing to me because I no longer feel insecure or alone standing up to today’s culture. I believe awareness & education will make the difference for all of us.



I want to help parents restore their confidence, connect with other parents and create momentum that will change the culture for generations to come!


Mary Beth Uberti, Director of Program Development

After attending Parenting 101, I became a parent facilitator, Office Manager and now Program Developer. With this role, I have the opportunity to research, develop and present programs to parents and caregivers. I enjoy public speaking on various topics but especially on the ever changing world of technology and social media. My diverse background as a Certified Life Coach and software trainer helps me to provide a positive and practical approach to parenting in the digital world



As a parent of two school-aged children, I am immersed in the current teen culture.




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Chairman, Rob Houchens

Co-Chairman, Bill Howard

Board Member, Dan Joss

Board Member, John Walsh, CADC, BRII

Board Member, Kim Peabody

Board Member, Berry Baxter

Board Member, Glenn White

Honorary Board Member, Doug Stegner