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Huffing & the Choking Game

Have you ever heard of “huffing?” Did you know kids as young as first and second grade have tried it? Huffing involves either breathing directly from an aerosol can or through a cloth soaked in solvent. Some teens breathe the fumes out of a plastic bag covering their nose and mouth or placed over their head, increasing the risk of brain damage and death. This method for getting high has become popular, especially in younger preteens who do not have the resources to get drugs that older teens have. Markers, whipped cream cans, butane cooking sprays and other household items are used to get high, and death can occur on the first attempt. As a parent, it’s so important to know the warning signs and talk to our kids about huffing.

Sneaking Out

The phone rings at 3 a.m. It’s the hospital. They tell you that you need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible because your son is going into surgery. He’s been in a bad car accident. You tell the caller that it’s not possible. Your son is in bed… but when you go look in his bedroom, he’s not there. Sneaking out at night is a teenager’s way of exercising freedom without their parents’ knowledge. It is a trend that begins at a much younger age than most parents realize, and the dangers they face are far more serious than most teens will admit or share with their parents. Teens may also sneak others into their homes while parents are asleep.

Aggressive Behavior

So many of our kids are dealing with extremely painful personal and family issues. It’s no wonder they are angry. The world around them makes their lives more difficult by glorifying violence and mocking those who practice self-control. While we may not be able to control the anger and violence out in the world, we can learn how to make our homes a peaceful place so our teens can decompress.