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For over 9 years, our Director of Program Development, Mary Beth, has traveled the nation to speak face-to-face on the following topics with communities just like yours:

Social Media Mania – Setting Boundaries: Attendees will learn how to raise a digitally responsible child, how to establish Internet and social media boundaries for their family and the difference between parental controls and spyware products.

Social Media Mania – Nothing but the Apps: Learn about the most popular social media sites being used by teens and preteens today. Specifically, the recommended ages for these sites and the conversations parents need to be having with their child about privacy, usage, friends and posts.

Shedding Light on Prescriptions, Opioids & Synthetics: This presentation covers risks of use and abuse, how to identify the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and next steps if you find signs of use.

Shedding Light on Alcohol & Marijuana: Here we discuss why teens use alcohol and/or marijuana, the risks associated with adolescent use and practical prevention steps to take in your own home.

Tech Talk – Cyber bullying & Sexting: Attendees will learn ways to protect their child from cyber bullying and how to detect if their child is a victim of cyber bullying, the legal issues surrounding sexting and steps to take if your child receives a sext.

Helping your Child Cope with Fears & Worries: Learn how to identify signs of stress in your child, things we (as parents) say or do that are not helpful and ways to build confidence within your child.

Other topics include:

Bullying & Cyber bullying

Teen Brain Development – A Work in Progress

Dating! We Haven’t Talked About That


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