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Hope for Today’s Parents

We are a passionate group of parents who understand how the right resources, provided at the right time, can positively impact families for generations to come. Our monthly webinars, e-books, videos, and other resources provide parents with the latest information on today’s toughest parenting issues related to technology, alcohol and drugs, mental health, risky relationships, and more. We connect parents with the tools they need to encourage them along their journey, providing additional information and connection to other parents through social media.


To love and support parents by providing real-world information, connection, and hope.


A world where the sacred privilege of parenting is embraced in every home.


Faith: Our faith in Jesus Christ forms the basis of our faith, frames our decisions, and guides us to help all parents.

Truth: The Bible forms our basis for defining marriage, parenting, and more. Our content will never conflict with Biblical principles.

Family: We believe God designed families and that His design is perfect. We believe that God gives parents the primary responsibility for rearing their children.

Prayer: We value prayer and believe that praying for our children is essential.

Compassion & Community: As parents ourselves, we know how difficult parenting can be. We have a heart for parents and want to make sure no parent ever feels alone on their journey.